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Reggio Calabria is an ideal base for a boating adventure from the strait of Messina to the beautiful Aeolian Islands, Italy. Reggio Calabria is located on the southern tip of the boot of Italy, and is the closest city on mainland Italy to Sicily. Ferries from mainland Italy into Sicily depart from Reggio Calabria. The ferry trip between Messina (Sicily) to Reggio Calabria is very quick (about 15 minutes), and ferries depart frequently. The city of Reggio Calabria has many notable sites including a beautiful kilometer of promenade and an archaeological museum.

One week: Reggio Calabria - Aeolian Islands

Day 1: boarding h. 18.00, night at base
Day 2: navigation from Reggio Calabria to Panarea (47nm)
Day 3: navigation from Panrea to Stromboli (10nm)
Day 4: navigation from Stromboli to Salina (20nm)
Day 5: navigation from Salina to Lipari (3nm)
Day 6: navigation from Lipari to Vulcano (1nm)
Day 7: navigation from Vulcano to Reggio Calabria (45nm)
Day 8: check-out h. 09.00

yacht charter boat rental reggio calabria

Two weeks: Reggio Calabria - Aeolian Islands & Taormina

Day 1: boarding h. 18.00, night at base
Day 2: navigation from Reggio Calabria to Vulcano (45nm)
Day 3: Vulcano
Day 4: navigation from Vulcano to Lipari (1nm)
Day 5: navigation from Lipari to Salina (3nm)
Day 6: navigation from Salina to Panarea (9nm)
Day 7: Panarea
Day 8: navigation from Panarea to Stromboli (10nm)
Day 9: Stromboli
Day 10: navigation from Stromboli to Tropea (32nm)
Day 11: navigation from Tropea to Messina (35nm)
Day 12: navigation from Messina to Taormina (25nm)
Day 13: Taormina
Day 14: navigation from Taormina to Reggio Calabria (23nm)
Day 15: check-out h. 09.00

reggio calabria yacht charter boat rental

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