Aeolian Islands Nautical Pilot

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Based on years of experience, the staff of "Il Miglio Blue" has created a guide for recreational boating specifically in the Aeolian Islands. Those that navigate in the Aeolian Archipelago with charter or private boats will find this information useful.

This initiative aims to provide useful nautical and tourist information to promote recreational boating and related activities in the Aeolian Islands. In the guide you will find information on tourist sites to see from a boating perspective, details on the history and geography of the Islands, what to eat and where to dine as well as a list of companies that provide various useful services in the Archipelago.

The guide is printed in the following characteristics:

closed format 23x30 brochure, 48 pages + 4 cover pages, four-color offset lithographic printing, glossy plastic cover, paperback

The guide would not have been possibile without the support of many tourist and nautical companies present in the Islands, that did not hesitate to take part in our initiative given our professionalism.

Send us an email to order your copy of the guide.

aeolian islands nautical pilot

Comments on our 1st edition of the Aeolian Islands Pilot (before 2012):
"Fantastic, thank you and our compliments!"
"Thank you for the brochure, truly well done!"
"We have already sailed in the Aeolian - your guide is excellent"

Comments on our 2nd edition of the Aeolian Islands Pilot (after 2012):
"It is a good compromise between a tour guide and a nautical pilot!"
"The brochure is interesting and useful"
"Very nice, our compliments and thanks!"
"Having spent over 20 years chartering and sailing yachts in various parts of the world, I have no hesitation in saying it is one of the best pilots I've seen ! It is full of information, I like wind quadrants/sea floor for each port, I like (do not speak Italian) how you have incorporated the two languages in an easy-to-read format. Great job, guys. Thank you very much. I'm sure it will be a great help to us."
"Thank you for sending me the meravolous guide that you have published. It is very well written and complete, and contains all the information that one needs to know."
"Thank you very much for the guide "pilot eolian islands." We used it every day to plan and execute our trips in the eolian. The result was a very succesfull journey with adventures kept on the safe side. Grazie mille !!!"

Our Guide is soldout. The new edition will come out in 2018, we will put an update here when it is available for purchase.