Ship Day Charter

Sicily Milazzo Aeolian Riposto Taormina Marsala Aegadian

Ships are available for day charters in several Sicilian cities including:

Milazzo: explore the Aeolian Islands, go around Lipari, swim in the crystal clear waters of Porticello and visit the unique beach of Vallemura or explore the other islands of the archipelago: Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi or Alicudi

Riposto & Taormina: ships are based in the marina of Riposto but are also available from Giardinni Naxos (near Taormina), visit the East Coast of Sicily with stunning views of Mt. Etna, see Taormina, Aci Castello and the Reserve of the Cyclopean Islands

Marsala: explore the Aegadian Islands, visit the Museum of Favignana and swim in the bright blue water of Cala Azzurra

A ship is ideal for groups of more than 100 people. Boarding times are flexible. Ships are fast and allow guests to reach destinations quickly. Contact us for an offer.